Day 45 – Into a Dark Corridor

No escape.Had to abandon escape route two week ago. Now somehow, I have muddled into a dark corridor. Salt on all sides. Behind me, the light is fading.

Intermittently, I hear a sound – click, click, click. A perfunctory and hollow sound, made somehow more ominous with each step I take into the corridor. Is someone following me? Too late, I realize the sound, the terrible click, is emanating from my very self.

Even so I continue on. I’m lost in a haze of uncertainty. It seems to me that the path behind me has closed. So I can’t go back. I can’t choose to undue choices I made earlier in my journey. Now, the path, which was once as expansive as the ocean and open on all sides, has narrowed considerably.

The best course of action may be to stop and take stock of my decisions. Possibly, I should re-evaluate my course. Perhaps other paths, options, magic portals, etc, are available. Or most likely, what I see before me – the narrow dark deep that lies beyond – is all the course I have regardless of rationalization.

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