My old dog is a tough old bird

My fifteen year old miniature pinscher is dying. She has a tumor that is pressing against her heart. This is causing congestive heart failure. Her kidneys are also failing.

My 15 year old miniature pinscher is  a jerk. (I can’t say bitch, because she is unable to have puppies.)  She bit the vet during her last examination, despite being muzzled and despite subsequently collapsing from fatigue. She marches around the house and demands food. She argues, cajoles, and pleads all the while her hind leg is mercilessly shaking from arthritis.  She terrifies my 64 lb lab-mix.

She’s basically always been a giant asshole. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that her charm hasn’t diminished with old age and sickness.

I  love this stupid dog. She reminds me of my maternal grandmother. I know that seems harsh or wrong or something else for my cousins to dislike me over.  But hear me out!

My grandma was a fucking badass.  She raised sixteen (never mind, fifteen  – dammit. But seriously, what’s one more kid in this scenario? Like they could field a baseball team or something? Right?  I mean wtf? Go grandma’s uterus!) kids.  She raised several of my cousins. She worked hard all her life.  She was a great cook.  She was hilarious.  But she was also mean, crude, and well, she could be fairly blunt and hurtful. (Not to me, though ’cause I’m like vulcan or something.)

Anyhow I think my grandma would have loved my old ass jerk face of a dog. So like when my dog dies, I hope she and my grandma can hang out in heaven or wherever. That would be great. Thanks.

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