Tidbits of My Spectacular Life

  1.  Eating bacon definitely causes butt cancer.
  2.  My dad caught our lawn chairs in a compromising position –

20151026_102700 (2)

3.  This seems like a sensible and hilarious solution.  I mean, nothing can go wrong with this one.  Nothing went awry with the one child policy.  Nothing. At. All.  –

Too Many Men? Share the Wives

A shortage raises the price of goods, in this case, women, he explained. Rich men can afford them, but poor men are priced out. This can be solved by having two men share the same woman….

“Men are publicly debating how to allocate women, as though women were commodities like houses or cars, in order to realize some grand political ideal originating from either the patriarchal left or the patriarchal right,” Zheng Churan, one of five women’s rights activists detained in March while campaigning, wrote in an essay for a WeChat group called Groundbreaking. “Behind the imbalanced sex ratio of 30 million bachelors lie 30 million baby girls who died due to sex discrimination. But somehow everyone’s still crying that some men can’t find wives.”

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