Day – I suck

I really do suck for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I get sick a lot.  So, unfortunately and because I suck (obviously), I didn’t get to finish my marathon.  At mile 22 I tripped and fell.  I hit my head.  I was so disoriented and panicky that I decided not to go on.  Instead I went to the medical tent.  Then I was sick with the most awful cold or flu or something for the next three weeks.  This is the first week since the beginning of February that I’ve felt okay.  The whole thing is a major bummer.

So since I was on a very limited workout schedule in February, I’ve decided to forgo the 70.3 in Galveston.  Instead I’m giong to participate in an Olympic distance in Marble Falls, Texas in April.  I’ve also committed to running 13 miles in Lubbock with a 70.3 relay group.  Right now, I’m seriously considering signing up for the 70.3 in Arizona.

Oh yeh, and no Cozumel for me!  Instead, I’ll be volunteering at Ironman Arizona so I can register for Ironman 2016.  I think I need one more year to get my shit together – base wise and time wise – before I endeavor toward a full-blast Ironman.

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