Day 10 – Groping in Public

Regardless of my feelings about rape (I’m against it). Regardless about my feelings about CNN (mixed, with a sprinkling of disgust). I can honestly say that the spectacle of six “women of age” raising their hands in response to very serious questioning by Don Lemon and his co-hostess about if Bill Cosby had ever drugged their drinks, makes me cringe. I actually cringed while plodding along on the treadmill.

I was listening to a Filter song of some sort, but the gym’s tv sets have closed captioning so I was literally, not figuratively, but literally forced to watch this stupid show – “Cosby’s accusers meet face to face for the First Time.” This is all well and good, but also, super cringe-worthy. I know these ladies volunteered for the show and they want their television justice, but watching all these elderly former models and actresses describe their encounters with Mr. Cosby just made me really annoyed.  The whole thing just smacked of exploitation.  But if like ten women “of age” are there, are they really being exploited?  I don’t know.

I do know that my run was painful simply because I had to watch parts of this show.  I had  to listen (okay, read) to such gems as “In the 70s we called it groping, now we call it sexual assault.”  Really?  Because I would have thought that someone grabbing your breasts in public, would have always been a little rapey.  My big question is, what good is this going to do for anyone, CNN?


Workout  – 50 minute jog on the dreadmill

Servers – One chassis that whose power supply didn’t work; one server with a failed hard drive in an array of 4.   All vintage 2003 hardware.

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