I suck at blogging

Now I suck at a lot of things, but it seems I especially suck at keeping a regularly updated blog. The sad thing is that, as a result of an overindulgence in paint fumes and booze, I actually forgot the domain name of this blog for a day.  However, I aim to keep this journal.  I’m endeavoring to keep this fucker updated.

What’s happened so far

Since I last updated this blog, I’ve

  1. Won first place in my division at the Bridgeland Triathlon (Yay!), but I forgot to spend my 30 dollar gift certificate (Boo!)
  2. Suffered two set backs on my training.  First, I seem to have torn some scar tissue on my left foot during a run.  This was in the week after Bridgeland and I’m just now getting back into running.  Second, I had pretty crappy upper respiratory infection a couple of weeks ago.  So my training has basically been shit for the month of August.
  3. I have backed out of the Galveston 5150, because of my foot and lack of training.
  4. I have entered the Oktoberfest Triathlon and the Monster Mash 10k.  So that’s my October.
  5. I entered the Shiner Beer Run Half-Marathon.  This is the only thing I’m doing in November.
  6. I finished my Science-Fiction stairs!
  7. I finished re-doing my home office!
  8. I found out that my contract will not be renewed after April 2014, so I am looking for a new gig.
  9. Oh holy shit, my most favorite chair ever broke!  (More on this in another post).

What I did today

  1. Cycled for 52 minutes
  2. Jogged for 20 minutes
  3. Realized that only fat women are fat. Unfortunately, I am not a man.
  4. Realized that I while I generally suck at painting, I especially suck at painting outside facing doors in 90% humidity when it’s about to rain.

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