Legs are tired

I am on what my schedule calls a “Max Week.”  This means I have 3 two-a-days scheduled and, in all, I have to train for around 9 hours.  As of today I’m 3.59 hours into my training –

ImageI jogged for 43 minutes on Monday.  Yesterday I was out there slogging it away for 72 minutes.

This, however, does not tell the whole story, because, you see, I have a dog named Chase. ImageChase is a maniac.   On Tuesday, she was acting particularly crazy.  In the span of 15 minutes, as I was out getting a coffee, she managed to destroy a box of tissues and to barrel through the gate we have blocking the entrance to the second floor.  I came home to find her upstairs, terrorizing my sister’s cats.

The only option was for me to tucker her out.  So after spending an hour on my trainer, I took Chase for a 2 mile romp through the trail near our house. She had a good time, but I probably over taxed my foot a bit. My legs are sore too.   Also, I’m sort of weepy today.  That’s another story.

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