Confession Time – I Throw Hissy FIts

I tend to throw hissy fits.  Sure it’s embarrassing, but I’ve been overreacting since I was a kid so why stop now?

Today’s particular hissy fit was directed at my bike.  Last weekend, before I even started riding, I got a flat on my back tire.  I spent three hours taking the tire off, changing the tube, etc.  I’d never done this before.  But, I guess it worked, because I was able to ride for 77 minutes that day.

Today I had a 48 minute ride scheduled. My bike is on it’s trainer. So after spending 15 minutes creating the workout on TrainerRoad, I climbed on my bike and started the workout.  I got immediately frustrated because the power wasn’t working right.  The computer kept saying that I had 300 power.  Not right. It should have been like 100.

So I climbed off, tried to re-jigger the trainer, and discovered that my tire whas flat.  Grrr. That increased my frustration.  So I overreacted.  I called my husband (who is in London) and asked a curt question and then hung up on him.  I was rude to my dear sister.

The next annoying thing is that I couldn’t even air up a freakin’ tire.  I decided to put my road bike on my trainer.  But it’s tires were also flat.  So I went ahead and tried to air them up.  It took me like fifteen whole minutes to figure out how to do it.  Then I couldn’t put the damn bike on the trainer. It just wouldn’t fit for some reason.  Probably because I was clouded by hissy fit frustration.

I thought about giving up my workout.  I couldn’t do that though.  It was just unreasonable.  I should be able to figure this shit out.  So I decided to try to air up my triathlon bike’s back tire again.  Lo and behold, it worked.

Anyhow it turns out that I hadn’t tightened the little nut on the tire where you blow air into. Yeh, my bicycle vocabulary is expert.

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